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Dive Courses

Your first step to start enjoying and discovering the wonders of Galapagos Marine Reserve is to learn how to scuba dive, that’s why we offer a wide range of PADI Courses so you can get fully ready and involved in this wonderful adventure.

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Dive Trips

Diving in Galápagos is an experience you shouldn’t miss!
Join us in wonderful diving trips and enjoy the beauty of Galápagos Marine Reserve and get astonished of the diversity of marine life you could see here.

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Daily Trips

Join and explore our daily trips!

We have wonderful full day trips land and snorkel options for you all throughout Galápagos, there’s no chance you’ll miss the wonders of this beautiful natural reserve

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Island Hopping

Planning your trip to the Galápagos Islands

Look up our packages for island hopping and enjoy this amazing adventure.

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Bay Tour

   Santa Cruz /

   Snorkel Tours

   All days

On request

Daphne – Bahía Borrero

   Daphne Minnor /

   Snorkel Tours

   All days

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Discovery Scuba Diving

   Eagleray Tours

   PADI Dive Courses

   Full Day

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   Daily Tours


On request

Fragata Yacht 4 days / 3 nights Itineray A

   Ayora Port / Villamil Port / Rabida / Mosquera /

   Navigable Cruises

   4 days 3 nights

On request

Fragata Yacht 5 days / 4 nights Itinerary B

   Mosquera / Vicente Roca Point / Urbina Bay / Egas Port / Ayora Port /

   Navigable Cruises

   5 days 4 nights

On request

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