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Diving in North Seymour Galapagos



North Seymour is an small Island situated in the North part of Santa Cruz Island, takes around 20 minutes by boat to get  there from the Itabaca Canal, and 2 dive sites are in North Seymour, and is the perfect place to start your adventure of Diving in the Galapagos because of the easy Dive.

Both are drift Dive and sometimes could be strong currents, there is a sandy bottom wich is the home of Galápagos Garden eels, and hammerhead Sharks in large School can be seen as well as large School of spoted Eagle rays.


The conditions in North Seymour are very different During the year, this is because of the oceanic currents that we have.

Since the end of  december to the middle of may we have the Panamá current, this is a warm current that cover the Galápagos Marine Reserve, the sea conditions is very calm and the temperature of the water is since 26 to 29 degrees Celsius, more tropical fish can be seen and of course large Schools of Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, the visibility is about 15 to 25 meters, 3 mm wetsuit can be wear. The air temperature is about 30 to 37 celsius and the sky is very sunny and hot.

Since Middle of may to december Galápagos is cover by the most richest of nutrients oceanic current in our planet, The Humbolt current, this a cold current and the sea is more raft and surge, the temperature of the water is about 17 the coldest and 22 the warmest, in this time of the year more pelagic fish can be seen as Mola Mola or Sun Fish, Giant Manta Ray, large School of tuna fish, snapper fish, etc, visibility is about 12 to 18 meters. The air temperature is about 20 to 26 Celsius, and the sky is not very sunny.